A fiesta in Mexico

Waking up in dull windy England was a shock to the system after the last few days.

However knowing we were on holiday and visiting Mexico (from our home) today made easing in to the chill a lot easier.

We started our day off watching El Camino. This is the breaking bad follow on film which surprisingly enough isn’t in Mexico at all 🙄

I really wouldn’t recommend watching this as it adds nothing to the story of Breaking Bad, is 2 hours long, very slow and hardly anything happens. Stick with Breaking Bad and leave it there.

Today we had Nachos for lunch – I know there are so many more exiting dishes you can have from Mexico it’s just these are one of our guilty pleasures and are a real treat for us,

We made our own salsa and guacamole (as we always do) – they taste so much better when fresh

After lunch we sat down to have ago at Mexican Tin Art. This has been shown on Kirsty Allsops crafting during lockdown programme on Channel 4. It was also on her show at Christmas too. So we decided it was worth ago.

The premise is simple – you create a decoration out of old foil trays by colouring and cutting.

Here is a brief step by step but if you want a video I’d suggest watching the show on channel 4.

1. Take an old foil takeaway container (if used ensure it’s clean).

2. Pull the edges slowly to start to flatten

3. To flatten more, take a spoon and either a tea towel, piece of felt or material. Lay material over the top and take the spoon and push the metal firmly but gently away from yourself

4. Once flat you can then draw your pattern on with a blunt pencil or dry pen. I used a pen with retractable ballpoint so I didn’t get ink on the foil.

You can use a template here either cut out or using tracing paper. We just went free hand

5. Once you’ve drawn on one side turn over and go over your pattern but drawing either side of the lines go help highlight the image.

You can then choose which side you prefer.

6. Then colour in with permanent pens.

7. Finally cut out and if you wish to hang it up punch a whole and add thread.

We had great fun and I’ll definitely be doing this again. It’s really relaxing to do and quite simple. I started with simple shapes but can see the opportunities to build on this technique

Ideas of other activities

  • Make a piñata
  • Make sombrero (plastic cup and paper plate)
  • Make maracas
  • Make Mexican flowers (tissue paper)

As with previous days I highly recommend playing some music from Mexico whilst eating or doing the activities. We used Spotify as some great playlists on there.

Unfortunately we were so full from lunch (we did eat much later than normal) we weren’t hungry for dinner so are saving the ingredients for the end of our trip.

We’d planned to make Mexican Chicken salad. Here is the recipe:

I’ll add photos when we get around to making.

Other ideas for meals are:

  • Fajitas
  • Chilli con carne
  • Enchiladas
  • Tacos
  • Burritos

We did however treat ourselves to pudding today. This is a recipe I came across when I was planning a Girl Guiding residential

Churros (of sorts)

You’ll need tortillas wraps, melted butter, sugar and cinnamon. Chocolate to melt to dip into

Spread wrap with melted butter

Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Roll up. Spread butter on top and sprinkle again with sugar and cinnamon

Put these in the oven until golden brown and crunchy.

Serve with melted chocolate!!

To finish our day off we watched Sicario 2. This is a great film (though would suggest watching first one first even thought they only loosely follow on).

Obviously we missed watching Coco which is definitely top of the list to watch on a day in Mexico but we only recently watched this.

I don’t know of many other films based or set in Mexico. But I’m sure with a quick search on the internet you’ll find some.

We’re off to India tomorrow to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!!

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