A sunny day in Greece

Day two of our holiday from home and we visited Greece today.

We started our day leisurely as one would if in sunny Greece. As I mentioned in the last post we generally only eat two meals a day so no breakfast today and straight to lunch.

Greek food has sooo many choices which is absolutely fine as it’s only right that you have a Meze (lots of small plates) so you can try many items.

We hosted our own Meze where we had Hummus, stuffed vine leaves (Dolmades), Tzatziki, Halloumi, olives and pitta/flat breads. The great thing about this is it all came from Tesco!!

Other things you could have on your Meze (unfortunately Kirk dislikes fish so didn’t appear on ours)

  • Taramasalata
  • Calamari
  • Grilled octopus

We found a Spotify playlist of Greek music so then we really felt like we were in a Greek restaurant not our living room.

After lunch we had ago at decorating Terracotta pots to look like Ancient Greek pottery or vases.

This was great fun and so easy and cheap to do. I could have spent hours creating these as it was so relaxing.

All you need is a terracotta pot and a black permanent marker such as a sharpie. Luckily we had these pots in the house already as we used them as centre pieces for our wedding last year.

Mark your pattern on with a pencil of you wish – using images on the internet for inspiration.

Once your happy with your pattern starting drawing it with the black permanent marker and colouring it in.

Here are our finished pots – Kirk’s on the left and mine on the right. All ready for a plant now once lockdown is over.

A few other ideas for activities

  • Hold your own Olympic Games
  • Make and wear a Toga
  • Make laurel/olive branch head dresses
  • Smash some old plates – you could then use the pieces to make mosaics.

Now early afternoon if we were on a sunny island in Greece we’d want to be sitting on the beach with a cocktail. So that’s exactly what we did!!

Using YouTube we found a beach scene so we could have the sound of the sea whilst sitting in the sun in our conservatory with a frozen cocktail (from a packet) and we both day and read a good book!

That’s what I call time well spent on holiday.

After getting a little too warm and sleepy we decided to chill in front of a good film to learn more about Greek culture. What better film to watch than Disney’s Hercules!

Such a feel good film with great music. We learnt about the Greek mythology and gods. And after yesterday’s film flop we’re reminded how good the old Disney classic films are.

Dinner was a slight take on a Greek salad – Greek Style Gnocchi Salad. I know gnocchi is Italian and not Greek but we’ve had this before and it’s delicious. It’s just adding a few carbs to the salad to make it more filling.

It’s so quick and easy to do as well. You can’t go to wrong.

Obviously there are so many Greek recipes you could choose from if you decided to do a Greek day. Here are some other ideas

  • Moussaka
  • Fresh fish
  • Grilled meats
  • Stifado
  • Kleftiko

I did try to get hold of some Baklava for pudding but due to lockdown was struggling to find any. So had to make do with mint choc chip ice cream.

We finished our day off with another Greek Mythology based film – The Clash of the Titans.

It was better than I was expecting as not really my sort of film! Worth a watch.

Other films you could watch

  • Mamma Mia
  • Immortals
  • Troy
  • 30
  • The sisterhood of traveling pants

Tomorrow we’re visiting Mexico!

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