Bringing India to our living room

Day 4 of our trip around the world from our home took us to India.

During lockdown I’ve been exercising for 30-40 minutes every day – doing everything from HIT to Barre to Pilates. Today I decided why not my my exercise part of the trip.

So my day started off with a Bollywood exercise class I followed two videos on You Tube by PopSugar fitness as these are who I used for other classes.

It was great fun – although one video was definitely harder to keep up with. It was great to bring something new to my exercise routine and I may even slip it into my routine going forward

After a shower to refresh and getting changed we sat down to a delicious breakfast inspired by my favourite breakfast spot in London – Dishoom!! This is a place I’d go for breakfast with my friends at work as a treat.

I have a few favourite dishes – one is called Kejriwal which is cheese and chilli on toast with a fried egg and the other is their bacon naan bread. Always served with a cup of chai!

Luckily Dishoom recently brought out their own cookbook so I was able to recreate the dish. We chose the bacon Naan as Kirk didn’t fancy chilli for breakfast, one day I’ll persuade him to try it.

These were delicious and we will definitely have them again. Worth noting we didn’t make the naan this time – we purchased these from a local corner shop as they are far better than ones from supermarkets.

The chai latte mix is asked a friend for recommendations and she recommended this

Available in your local supermarket too! We made “cafe style” with hot milk. Kirk is a huge convert and was drinking this for the rest of the day made with hot water (the other option as it already has skimmed milk powder in).

After breakfast we decided to watch the new Disney Aladdin film (not quite based in India – I believe it’s actually set in Iraq).

Interesting Dishoom food is based on Irani Cafe food in India.

The new Aladdin film was brilliant!! We were really skeptical at first as we’d not had great previous experience with remakes (Lady and The Tramp) but this was so close to the original and Will Smith is definitely a close second to Robin Williams as Genie. We would highly recommend watching this film. A real feel good film.

After a quick film we moved on to our Indian activity. We had actually planned to make candles today however the initial company we purchased a kit from didn’t accept our order so we had to find another one. By the time we ordered it was just before bank holiday so this too hasn’t arrived.

So last minute change of plan we decided to have ago at creating Mandala patterns. Luckily I’d recently learnt how to do these when running a virtual session for my Girl Guiding unit on mindfulness.

They are really simple and fun to do.

1. Start by drawing 3 circles, each getting bigger (inside each other). Then draw a star over the top to create your template/grid to work from. See below. The point of this is to give you segments to work in and you’ll then replicate this around the centre point.

2. Then create a design in each segment and repeat it around the point.

3. Keep going and then go over your outline in a thicker pen and rub out all pencil lines to give you the pattern to colour in.

4. Colour in as you would if it was a pre printed pattern

I used images online for inspiration and started off simple. Kirk on the other hand went complex straight away. He loved doing this – and he’s not crafty at all.

Other activities you could do:

  • Have a go at Henna
  • Try wearing a Sari
  • Celebrate holi with coloured powders
  • Celebrate Diwali with candles and lights
  • Make a tea light holder

We had a snack of Bombay mix

We also watched two more films yesterday.

Life of Pi

This was a fantastic film – I’ve heard so many people rave about this over the years but had never got around to watching it. I’m so glad we did. An unusual storyline along with brilliant graphics. I’d highly recommend watching this

Our final film of the day was the new one on Netflix called Extraction. Based in Bangladesh. A great action film. Lots of subtitles to read – so be ready to focus.

As it was our first wedding anniversary yesterday we decided to have a Takeaway instead of cooking as if it wasn’t for lockdown we’d have gone out for dinner or been away in a hotel so would have had to eat out.

Our local Indian takeaway Bay Leaves is always our go to for great food.

Popadoms to start

Followed by King Prawn Pure

And for something a bit different to my usual order I tried their Lamb Biriyani

Completely delish and all washed down with a glass of champagne or celebrate a year as husband and wife. Not very Indian I know but it was a wedding gift we’d been saving for this day.

If you want to cook a curry there are soooo many options. My ideas

  • Tikka masala
  • Murgh Makhani
  • Biriyani
  • Saag Aloo
  • Paneer masala (Kirk ordered this)
  • Onion Bhajis
  • Samosa
  • Naan bread
  • Pilau rice

We’re back home in England tomorrow – I’ll explain why in my next post.

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