Relaxing in Italy

So we’re nearing the end of our trip around the world from home.

Yesterday we visited Italy – this is country we love. Having visited Rome twice and Venice and we actually wanted to get married in Tuscany. Logistics of getting married abroad meant we decided not to but we’re lucky enough to find a venue in the UK which embodies the Tuscan feel. Therefore our wedding day still had an Italian feel with the wedding breakfast being Caprese salad, Italian meats and bread followed by Lasagna and then Tiramisu. Limoncello shots as favours and the bar selling Aperol spritz

So it’d only be right that on our travel to Italy the week of our anniversary that we eat and drink like we did on our wedding day.

We started the day with a long walk around the countryside near where we live. Mainly because it was nice weather and we’ve not done any exercise for the last couple of days. But also whenever we’re on holiday in Italy I’m sure we walk more than we do on any other holiday as there are usually so many sites to see.

When we got back we sat down to a lunch of Caprese salad, Italian meats and Ciabatta with olives and olive oil. And obviously a good coffee. For those who know me well you’ll know I survive on coffee so this is obviously something I start everyday with no matter what country I’m visiting.

We hadn’t actually planned an activity for today other than to listen to Italian music – which we’ve been listening to music from each country every day.

I did search up ideas we could do:

  • Glass painting
  • Ceramic tile painting
  • Make mozzarella
  • Make pasta
  • Watch an opera

However as we hadn’t planned for these I didn’t have the items in to do these. We’ve made cheese (mozzarella and ricotta before and I’d highly recommend buying a kit to give this ago!)

So we actually decided to have ago at candle making as the kit we’d ordered for our day in India had arrived.

We bought our kit from – the kits are a great price for the size. We got enough of everything to make 5 candles. We decided to make 2 today and leave the rest for another day. The scent is certainly in keeping with Italy as we ordered Lime, mandarin and basil.

I’m lucky enough to have a Cricut machine so we decided to make labels for our candles. Whilst sipping on an Aperol Spritz of course!!

I’m looking forward to making the next 3 and very likely buying stuff ourselves to make more. We’ve definitely found a new hobby.

For dinner we have Lasagna and salad.

Not the most Italian Lasagna but it’s the one my mum always made and we really enjoy it and don’t have it often.


  • Mince beef (500g-750g)
  • Onion
  • Oil
  • Dolmio creamy tomato pasta bake sauce
  • Dolmio white sauce
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Lasagna sheets


  1. Cook off diced onion in a little oil – until translucent
  2. Add mince and break up and brown
  3. Stir in creamy tomato sauce and simmer for 20 minutes
  4. Layer mince, pasta, white sauce, cheese, pasta into a large oven proof dish until you have cheese on your top layer
  5. Put on oven at 200 degree c for 30 minutes until top is crispy

We sat down to end our day watching Angels and Demons on Netflix with Tiramisu (courtesy of Sainsburys) and a wafer roll. This Tiramisu is really quite good and I’d definitely recommend if you don’t want to make one.

Angels and Demons is a great film – close to one of the best we’ve watched all week.

Other film options

    Romeo and Juliet
    Talented Mr Ripley
    The Tourist
    Letters to Juliette
    Italian Job

Today we’re in China.

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