Penultimate stop – China!

Our penultimate day of our holiday yesterday and we visited China.

We recently visited Hong Kong on our honeymoon however it was our stop at Singapore that inspired this day as we ate in a little modern Chinese restaurant called Lookee. The food was by far some of the best we had on our whole trip. We ate chicken chow mien and Bao buns.

So we decided we’d have ago at making our own bao buns

We started our day off with Tai Chi. We saw people doing this when in Hong Kong but didn’t join a class to try it out.

It’s sort of a cross between martial arts and Yoga. It’s all about relaxing and breathing whilst slowly doing martial arts moves. We just followed a tutorial on YouTube

We actually enjoyed it so much we did two sessions. Even Kirk liked it – though when I asked would he do it again he said no as it didn’t really feel like exercise. Funnily enough my Apple Watch suggests we burnt as many calories as we would have done on a walk. So maybe we will be doing it again.

We had Egg fried rice for lunch with Chinese tea (brought back from Hong Kong – but you can buy this online). This might not be the most authentic egg fried rice but it’s fairly healthy, cheap and easy to do. It’s a dish Kirk regularly cooks for us at home.

After lunch we started making dinner almost right away as it was going to take at least 4.5 hours. In my experience any cooking always takes longer than it states so I estimated 5 hours. Most of this time is spent waiting for things to cook or prove so wasn’t labour intensive

We were making Char Siu (chinese bbq pork) Bao buns and spicy cauliflower bao buns.

Bao bun recipe (courtesy of bbc good food) –

We halved the bun recipe – mainly as we didn’t have enough plain flour and no matter how many shopping orders I put it on it’s the only thing which never arrives. But even half was too much for two of us (I made 10 buns as 9 wasn’t even).

It’s also worth noting you won’t get a traditional white colour to your bun if using British flour. Chinese use bleached flour so you’d need to order this from a world foods shop.

Char Siu (bbq pork) recipe also a bbc good food recipe – linked to in the Bao bun recipe as it’s a traditional filling.

Spicy cauliflower filling recipe cane from bbc food and also had a vegan bao bun recipe.

The final thing I made to go in the buns was pickled carrot

Once it’s all ready and prepared you need to assemble them

They were delicious!! Although they took forever to make I’d definitely make them again – likely on a Sunday when we’re chilling at home.

Both fillings were tasty and it was nice to have a mixture of textures and flavours.

Whilst waiting for the buns to prove we watched a Jackie Chan film on Netflix called Skiptrace. It’s an easy watching, funny film.

After dinner we decided to relax and watch another film. Based in both China and New York (this is where we are today)!

Safe (2012) is a film on Netflix staring Jason Statham. It’s a great film and definitely worth watching. I’ve had it on my Netflix list for years now. Glad we finally watched it.

We also had a sweet snack to finish off the day

These are technically from Korea – however they are very popular in most Asian countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore). Available in many supermarkets now. I picked these up from our local corner shop.

So today we’re in New York for our final stop of our holiday.

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